Monthly Archives: February 2009

I was telling a story to a friend of mine earlier today–one of those that seem like they should be straightforward at the time you start telling them, but get progressively more and more surreal as you try to explain all the contributing factors,* and I had gotten up to the point where I was sitting on a […]

I felt much, much better today. However, signs would indicate that while my body returns to health, my mind slips ever further towards the edge. Catgirl Phalloi Non-DA Link I felt a little odd painting this. I mean, more than usual. It was as if I was single-handedly inventing a fetish, and I’m not entirely sure if I’m […]

Still feeling like death warmed over. I’m okay in the mornings, but by mid-afternoon I’m dead on my feet and my nose is draining like the Amazon Basin. Anecdotal reports peg the blaaaaagghghhh stage of thiis plague as lasting around a week–cough lingers awhile longer–so I’ve still got a couple of days to go. Yay. […]

This is an extremely long-lasting plague. I feel like shit. I mean, I’m cheerful, don’t get me wrong, everything’s goin’ fine, it’s just that my head is swathed in cotton concrete and my sore throat became a cough and I am taking vast quantities of Robitussin (why the hell anybody would do Robitussin toget high […]

Also, the weather here is spectacular, we’re having reports of spring peepers starting up, and the daffodils are visible from my window. Unfortunately, so is the bindweed, and despite lingering illness, body ache, and sore throat, I am feeling the itch to go out and kill that stuff. ETA: EEE! EEE! My anise hyssop is growing! There are wee […]

My talk last night went well! At least, I think it went well…I kept ’em laughing, anyway, and I think that’s the important thing. I may have agreed to speak to various classes. It’s all a bit of blur. Kevin says I didn’t disgrace myself, anyway, although I do tend to get a little manic when I’m on. […]