Uf da.

Ben had ANOTHER herpes flare-up–barely a month after his last steroid shot, and it’s REALLY bad. (Sprang up practically overnight, too–Sunday he was his usual lovey self standing on the counter demanding gooshy food, Monday he’s picking at his food a little–by Thursday he was growling at his food like it was attacking him.) Apparently it’s so bad that we have to wait twenty-four hours for the steroid shot to take the swelling down before we can even give him painkillers, because if anything touches his gums at the moment, he’s shrieking like the damned.

This is not promising. Or, as the vet said, "You know, he may just be one of those cats that needs his teeth pulled."  The problem with cats is they’re so damn stoic–*I* had no idea he was in this bad a shape, he was a little grumpy but mostly just sleeping a lot, and then she tried to pry his mouth open and it was like a one-cat feline apocalypse.

So, we’ll see what happens. The shot works wonders, but he can’t get steroids every month, so if we’re back here again in a month, I’ll book the appointment and the T in Benjamin T. Cat can stand for Toothless as well as Trouble. I’ve got gel lysine, antibiotics, and painkillers for when he’s able to handle them tomorrow.


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