Monthly Archives: December 2008

More Phrases I Never Expected To Hear Uttered

Went a fabulous party last night at buddy Mur’s. Mur’s parties are always fabulous–she has great friends–but the high point was arguably talking to an infectious disease doctor, who told me exciting things about leprosy (always a favored topic) Buruli’s ulcers (worse than, but related to leprosy) and the shocking number of cases he sees […]

Yesterday, I went Christmas shopping for Kevin for his kids. He had documented the basic horror of this experience here so I need not duplicate the effort, except to note that A) our trip was ultimately successful, and B) since we were going to a formal party immediately after the Christmas shopping, we did the entire four-hour junket […]

Every now and then I wake up with a phrase running over and over again through my head. This morning–which I did not remember until dinner–when I woke up, my brain was chanting "The dogs are in the Giant’s Causeway, digging up the stones." Since I had been dreaming about gingerbread men, to the best of my […]

I am drinking this truly awesome thing that I can only describe as a sparkling sake cooler. It came in an incredibly girly pink bottle, and it shouldn’t get me nearly as drunk as it does, but half of one these little wine-cooler sized bottles is enough to get me nicely toasty. (Not quite "forcing each word […]