Monthly Archives: November 2008

At some point this weekend, it became full-on fall. I think I missed it. I know I was working in my studio at various points in the weekend, I know I went out, but for some reason this morning I looked out the studio window and went "WHOA! When did that happen?!" Everything’s going gold and orange and burgandy–still with green undertones, but […]

Random question, O font of all knowledge! What are the Japanese spirits with paper over their faces? They showed up in Spirited Away–the sheets of paper floated off the ferry, and grew robe-like bodies–and some of the monsters you fight in Okami have paper over their faces, but I’m apparently not hitting the right google searches to […]

So we got back from trick-or-treating last night, which was fairly painless, although not that long lasting. (Forty-five minutes! Pfff! In my day, in Arizona, we did two hours! Mind you, evening in Phoenix in October is rarely 40 degrees, so I can see the logic in knocking off early…) My costume, such as it was, consisted of throwing […]