Monthly Archives: October 2008

So this weekend, for the first time in two years, I Gardened. Real gardening. Not, y’know, just moping over on-line catalogs, not doing research on native species, not even slogging around town looking for likely candidates…I mean real, honest to god, gardening, woman and shovel and bag of manure vs. North Carolina clay and tree roots. […]

Approximately fifty bizillion people on DeviantArt will greet this painting with "It’s Muddy the Mudskipper!" or words to that effect, and every one of them will believe they are being original. God love ’em, as they say in the south. Still, I think it’s high time for another famous mudskipper, damnit. Perhaps one could arrange to […]

So I’d spotted a weird shrub in the backyard a few days ago. It had odd raspberry-looking fruit, which split in half to reveal orange seedpods. Having had this sort of experience before, I had resigned myself to it being a nasty non-native invasive, since it was both pretty and alive, a sure sign of […]

Kevin caught me another frog! This one was a Northern Cricket Frog, an unbelievably wee little beast that could fit on a dime, mostly brown, with a green back and a brown chevron  between his eyes. The camo is amazing–if you aren’t looking exactly at the spot where one jumps, they’d be impossible to spot. Eeee!