Monthly Archives: October 2008

Allow me to endorse, for a moment, the game "Mad Scientist University" which I played last night and enjoy thoroughly. In it, every member of the group gets an Unstable Element cart (penguins, tongs, ninjas, hairnets, divas, etc) and the judge lays out the assignment card (take over the world, raise a billion dollars, write your name on […]

Okay. Whew. As of Monday, supposedly I’m done with the second run of interior illos for Dragonbreath. There’s still a crapload I have to do on other work, some of which is way overdue, but I couldn’t take it any more, and had to do a quick painting for myself before I went crawling out of my […]

Kevin’s Utilikilt* arrived last night. I approve. A great deal. It may not be possible to overstate my approval. It’s getting cold out here–we’re about to start getting frost–so his one complaint is that he may need some kind of knit cozy for certain cold-sensitive parts under the kilt.** (I volunteered to sacrifice one of my Fuzzy […]

It’s either a commentary on the sad state of the music industry today, or on my total and complete nerdity, that my favorite song of the past year is "Still Alive" from the end credits of Portal. Also, I keep trying to figure out how I’d make a Weighted Companion Cube my little pony mod. I may […]


Wow, I just got recognized! I was at the art supply store, buying gessboard and indanthrene blue–which I keep pronouncing in my head as "indanthere,"  which sounds like some kind of giant prehistoric herbivore*–and as the young woman behind the counter checked to see if I was on the mailing list, she paused. "Ursula Vernon?" "Yup." "Do you–are you […]

Life is a seesaw between fantastic and frazzlement. Kevin scored some seriously great tickets for next month, I got to see Carlota and have lunch with buddy Linda whom I haven’t seen in a dog’s age, I found a very reasonably priced carving of a Balinese guard frog…that’s all pure awesome. But I’ve got a con […]