Allow me to endorse, for a moment, the game "Mad Scientist University" which I played last night and enjoy thoroughly. In it, every member of the group gets an Unstable Element cart (penguins, tongs, ninjas, hairnets, divas, etc) and the judge lays out the assignment card (take over the world, raise a billion dollars, write your name on the moon, find a willing sacrifice, etc) You then have ten seconds to come up with a scheme using your unstable element, and then the player acting as judge calls on everybody and hears their diabolical plan. The judge then selects the one that works best for them (funniest, most diabolical, most well-defended, whatever) and gives them the card–first person to five cards wins.

Any game where I can yell "We’ll get to the center of the earth using genetically engineered eighty-foot tall lava-sucking mosquitos!" is a good thing. (Mind you, I got thrown badly off stride while I was rhapsodizing about how the mosquito would slide her giant proboscis into an active volcano and begin sucking the magma dry, and Mur immediately piped up with "Is anyone else turned on right now?" Hard to come back from that…) 

Had weird nightmares last night, in a vague, Stepford-Wives-meet-The-Yellow-Wallpaper sort of way, (I couldn’t have Legos, because I might do something subversive with them.) which segued into a packing dream, which wandered into a late-for-a-plane dream, which made me decide to get up, because sleep was obviously not my friend. Blargh.

But I’m conscious now! Time to face the day!

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