I performed fellatio on a summer sausage, and then I won an award. The two are not related, I don’t hink.

So I’m doing the Burlington Carousel Festival with Mckenzee and Jamie of the NC Webcomics Coffee Clatch, and lord, I’m tired. My feet hurt. Still, it was fun! We’re not exactly in our normal milieu–we’re between a home-made apron booth and a booth selling doggy bandanas, and across from a taxidermist. I’m not sure if anybody quite knows what to make of us, but the Heroes Haven comic shop very kindly set us up there, and it’s been a good time. (Plus they gave us free summer sausage. Hopefully the photo Mckenzee took of me eating the summer sausage rather suggestively will never hit the web,  although I rather want to see the still-life with sausage with little paper umbrella stuck in it.)

And of course, just when one starts to wonder just how out of place we are, the festival commitee shows up and gives me a first place ribbon for the art part of the show. "It’s for the frog piece!" they said, once I had finished stammering and thanking them.

"Um. Which one?"

There followed some hurried discussion, whereupon it was revealed that the commitee had apparently not been specific in their accolade, so it could have been one of a dozen or so frog pieces. But hey! I’m not complaining. It was very nice of them anyway.

Tomorrow, back again, and then I sleep the sleep of the just…

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