Monthly Archives: June 2008


So yesterday was interesting! My buddy Mur Lafferty (famous podcaster, author, creative type–merely knowing her provides a level of geek cred that I could never achieve on my own and certainly don’t deserve) needed a ride yesterday, first to the tattoo parlor for a consult (alas, foiled by tattoo artist’s schedule) and then to the […]

Scent Blogging #…something or other

Today, something slightly different, as I’m blogging odors that I have handed off to favored guinea pig alchemist for testing. (Not sure how long most of these last in practice–if I were a good scientist, I’d pick a day we spend mostly together and sniff him at carefully measured intervals, but…err…I haven’t.) Wrath — Spicy, […]

I knew Indiana Jones 4 might be a problem when they mentioned the Nazca lines and I started twitching violently in my seat. Kevin put his arm around my shoulder and said “There, there. It’s okay. It’s just a movie.” I retain just enough of my South American archaeology chops to get twitchy. It wasn’t […]

Either I’m hot, or men are desperate. (I can hear y’all now…”A little from column A, a little from column B….”) Went out to get the mail, and nearly caused a car accident, as a young man practically gave himself whiplash slowing down and staring at me, which might have been unsettling, except that he […]

Cedar waxwings are a pretty common bird, all things considered, and it shouldn’t have taken me–what–three years? of birding to FINALLY spot one, but I somehow never managed to be in the right place at the right time. Until today, when I went to get the mail, and there it was, just as described, a […]