Monthly Archives: June 2008

More AC art…did this one last week…The Fox and the Egg The more I think about it, the more I wonder if the checkerboard robes are the costume of the occasionally referenced but poorly understood Monks of Perdition…and if so, how Quick the Donkey got involved with them. Ahem. Um. Err. Which is to say […]

Man, it has been a productive weekend! Four paintings done, some prints run off, and barring horrific incident, I think I’m pretty well set for the AC art show. Imay still do some small pieces between now and then, but I think I’m good. 5 panels in the art show, and…I think…sixteen pieces? Something like […]

My miniprint offering for HeroesCon… Year of the Pear The collectible miniprint version will only be available at the Con itself (and possibly briefly on e-bay afterwards as I attempt to ditch any remaining overstock *grin*) but I’ll sell the standard sizes of these in the usual fashion…eventually might have a fun set of quasi-posters.