Monthly Archives: June 2008

My two-tone hair is rather more dramatically two-tone than usual. It’s sort of…dark chocolate and deep salmon. I dig it. And yes, hopefully someone at some con or other will take photos. (My stylist made me swear that if the red bit faded to peach/mustard in a week, that I would come back in for […]

The Onion A/V club reviewed Nurk! Woot! Not bad at all… Fans of Ursula Vernon’s offbeat comics series Digger should check outher first children’s book, Nurk: The Strange, Surprising Adventures OfA (Somewhat) Brave Shrew (Harcourt). The title doesn’t quite tell itall—it leaves out the uniquely Vernon-esque bizarreries, like thetalking- salmon tree—but it sums up most […]

So my good buddy Brooke (aka filthspigot ) took me out for a post-birthday lunch at the Cheesecake Factory. I was not allowed to skip dessert. Brooke has the dress-size-prophecy gift, and was the first person to tell me that I was a size 8, long before I actually went and tried something on and […]

One of the cats dispatched a two inch long centipede in my absence. This is impressive, given that killing a centipede generally requires serious hammering with a boot, or ideally, a rocket launcher. I praised them both as Mighty Hunter and Accomplice. And now I’m going to cling to the ceiling and gibber for awhile […]