Okay, gang, it’s THAT time of year again…I’ll be at Anthrocon in Pittsburgh this coming weekend. (Can I sleep enough between now and then to restore the reserves depleted by Heroescon? Sources say…probably not!) Alas, given gas prices, I’m pretty much expecting sales to be slow this year, but as long as I make enough to break even, and I have fun, I’ll call it good.

Lookin’ forward to it! And, to that end, have the Anthrocon meme that’s been goin’ around, for all your Useful Information Needs!

La la la…
Where will you be most of the time during the day/s?
I have a table in the Dealer’s Room…C…something or other. I think. Generally speaking, that’s where to find me, orsomebody who can tell you where I am and when I’ll be back.

Where are you staying?
I’ll be at the Omni!

Who will you be with?
I’m sharing the table with my old buddy Psuedo-Manitou, a very talented artist, and poor Kevin has volunteered for the relationship Trial by Fur, and is coming along to help man the table. Look for the chick in the boots wedged between the two scary bald tattooed men. That’ll be me.

Also, Carlota will be there with her boyfriend Dusty. At any given moment, I will probably be in one of their company, or possibly pestering the guys from Sofawolf.

Can Kevin and Carlota, between them, make sure I actually remember to eat and do not attempt to live on PURE CAPITALISM? Tune in to find out!

Do you do free art?
Nope. I am a grubby-fingered mercenary.*

Do you do trades?
I’ve been known to swap prints with other artists, sure…

Do you do commissions?
Yes. However, it’s gonna be a little different this year–while I normally took eight to ten sketchbooks a day in the past, I’m not going to do that this time. I want to have FUN at a con for once, and hang out with the people I love, not stay up until 2 AM blearily scratching in sketchbooks. (Which is not to say that I don’t enjoy hanging out doing homework with other artists, but y’know.) So I’m gonna raise the prices–$30 for pencil, $45 for ink–and take a very limited number ‘o sketchbooks this time, no more than three to five a day, in hopes that I will actually get to hang out and party and enjoy myself and not wear myself to a shadow of a nubbin.**

So, um, get in early on that, if you absolutely MUST have one…

Do you have prints/ CDs ?
I have prints! I have big prints and regular prints and little wee prints! I have prints like you wouldn’t believe! Come one, come all, and see the prints!

Do you do badges?
I will, but only if you bring the stuff. I don’t have the badges and laminator stuff at the table.

What is your gender?
Two X chromosomes, no waiting.

How old are you?
Thirty-one and counting…

Can I touch you?
I’m never sure if the occurrence of this question on these sorts of things is a sign of our enlightenment as a community, or a sign that many of us can’t read social cues for blazes. Regardless, yes, if we know each other, you may hug me, I have no problems with that. I’m a social hugger. If we’ve never met before…umm…maybe not so much, but I’m happy to shake your hand. I don’t have don’t-touch-me-itis, anyway, if that’s what the question is about, so attempting to hug me is not going to cause me to go into screaming fits.

If you start randomly skritching me, though, odds are pretty good that I will feel rather awkward, attempt to politely disengage, and somewhere around then a bald gentleman with a lot of tattoos is probably going to tap you on the shoulder and give you a Look. The management cannot be held responsible for what may happen after that.

Can I talk to you?
Absolutely! If the table is crammed with people trying to hand me money, I may have to cease conversation, mind you. But I’m a pretty sociable type at cons, so no worries.

Can I buy you a drink?
Oh hell yeah.

*Okay, I lie. My hands are actually quite clean.

**What the hell is a nubbin, anyway?

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