Creative Commons and the LolWut Pear

*gaze up*

I don’t mind the biting pear being on the internet, really I don’t, but this is twice in two days that I’ve had somebody let me know that somebody else is selling it.

Apparently people are baffled by the notion that the pear is my original character, and I own the copyright on it (him?) and not just the painting.

I really don’t want to rain on anybody’s parade, but damnit, I have been REALLY cool about this whole thing. I’ve known people who, if you repost a jpg without their permission, start screaming that it’s like rape. I have been mellow, damnit. I have been laid back. I have said “Look, have fun, just don’t make any money off it.”

One of the parties in question contacted me to say “I had no idea you were the copyright holder, would you like a cut/like me to stop?” and that was cool. The other place is a professional T-shirt company, and I get to go wade through their phone tree, and this makes me grumpy.


Edit: The ever resourceful

pointed me to the correct Creative-Commons licensing. The Pear is now listed under Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike. (I LIKE the fact that people have fun with it, I just wish they’d give me credit occasionally…and I REALLY wish they wouldn’t sell it!)

I made a journal post over at DA, and while I hate to ask my readers for this, if you see the pear loose, if you could, in a non-confrontational sorta way, point people to that, I’d be really grateful. Spread the word. Metafilter it, Fark it, whatever the heck it is that the cool kids do these days.

Thanks, guys.

The Pear, The Horror, Etc.

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