Heard a weird noise coming from the bird feeder, and looked out to find seven goslings and five adult geese calmly vacuuming up the spillage from when I filled the feeder earlier today. One of the adults is standing tall in sentinel mode, the others are in a kind of ring around the juveniles and eating as well.

Angus, normally glued to the screen door, has backed a few inches away and is watching from the safety of the underchair. Ben is at the bedroom window, crouched down below the level of the sill, eyes riveted on the sentinel goose, which might, after all, be a ninja.

ETA: Oh, dear lord. Another goose couple showed up, with THEIR five in tow. It’s just a wall of downy cute and crazed adult out there. I knew I’d dumped a lot of seed on the ground, but shit, did I get any actually IN the feeder?

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