Well, in record time, the new website is up and running! (Actually, it’s been up for a day or two.) I am pretty damn impressed–that was some breakneck speed there, particularly when my poor webguy thought he’d have a month to work on it. There’s a few things still in the coming soon stages–not enough fan mail in yet to put up the fans section, and the shopping cart to buy art will require an overhaul of M&M to get everything into place, but otherwise, it’s good to go.

This is purely a books/comics website, for the written work–the art galleries and so forth I’m gonna leave over at M&M for the moment. This is pretty much the kid friendly website.

You can check it out at www.UrsulaVernon.com if you’re so inclined (and if you run into any bugs, let me know.)

(And, just to shamelessly plug, if you need webwork done, I really do recommend Dark Canvas and not just for the obvious reasons. *cough* )

Aaaaand, on another note, new Wombat Droppings column over at EMG-zine!

ETA: How amusing. I appear to have slashdotted MYSELF. There’s something horribly recursive about that… (God, the irony. Okay, try back later…)

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