Monthly Archives: April 2008

Okay, I’m…pretty sure…that only my female readers will appreciate this, but damn, isn’t it a nice feeling when you’re scrambling around getting dressed in the morning and notice that for whatever reason of bra fitting and the fact that you haven’t thrown a shirt on yet, for one bright shining moment, you have absolutely perfect […]

Whew! Okay, receipts all added and numbers crunched and anguished gakking noises made…we’ll find out the REAL damage tomorrow. Had a fun evening partying with Jason & crew last night, got to see Kevin fall prey to the Green Fairy this time (unlike me, he did not need to be poured into the car, but […]

Damn, that absente is potent!* Had a lovely evening. We tested the booze, found it more than acceptable, and then realized we needed to eat, but were now too drunk to drive, and so spent a very amusing hour raiding my bachelor fridge, cupboards, and the contents of the gift baskets that Technicon gave me. […]