Monthly Archives: April 2008

The funny thing with this one was that people were asking what my Lovecraft themed tea would be. I never SAID there would BE a Lovecraft themed tea, but…well…y’all just know me too well, obviously. Shoggoth Jasmine (God, it feels good to be productive again.) Taxman Edition — 84 and counting… (Daaaaamn, people!)

As of checking my e-mail this morning, y’all have effectively halved my tax burden. The Taxman will be an edition of at least 65, which blows my teeny little mind. I am floored, I am in awe, I am humbled, and I would give you all backrubs were that geographically plausible, but since my hands […]

Whew–took a nap and had a nasty nightmare. “Oh god!” I thought miserably partway through, “if only this were a bad dream!” Then my brain paused and said “Really, are you sure it isn’t?” and I woke myself up. Presumably this was just a balance to the otherwise fabulous day I’m having–getting art done, Ben […]

You guys amaze me. Seriously. I mean, I actually got choked up at my keyboard last night. *sniffle* I’m not sure what I did to deserve such wonderful friends, but damn, I love you guys. I have the best blog-readers in the business, and I’ll personally get into hand-to-hand combat with anybody who tries to […]

Well, the word from the vet is that Ben is probably gonna be wretched for another five to seven days, but this, too, shall pass. Also, he may have kitty herpes. Lovely. On the bright side, he came back negative on a retest for FIV/feline leukemia, so thank Ganesh for that. Now he’s got more […]

Poor Ben is sick as a dog. I’ve got him on the antibiotics, and I don’t know what else I can really do, but he’s definitely miserable. He’s mostly stopped the mad sneezing, but continues to be snorfly and his eyes are watering, which makes mine water in sympathy. His breathing has the cloggy sound […]