Monthly Archives: April 2008

Totally random look-what-I-found sketch dump… Voodoo Illos The tiles were meant to be printed very small, and so would probably make good icons–people are welcome to help themselves. Rat TileRabbit TileMonkey TileRooster TileSnake TileOx TileDragon Tile and, uh, holy crap, how long has this been done and I just never bothered to upload it? (Minimum […]

Okay, gang! I have realized that it’s time to overhaul the website. The universe poked me in the eye a few times saying “DOITDOITDOIT” and never let it be said I can’t take a hint when it falls on me from a great height. Other than a shopping cart system, and obviously a prettier site […]

I had been planning on doing this painting for awhile, and then sometime Friday it hit between the eyes as the painting I was doing Right This Minute. Possibly the clutch of turkey vultures (or whatever you call them) by the side of the road happily dismembering something in the tall grass that I saw […]

I’m starting to think I require some kind of life notification system. Unfortunately, the sort I need doesn’t seem to be something I can program into a computer. Therefore, O Readership, let the record show that I need to know the following: When my clothes are on inside out. When a new album is released […]

So I’m reading “Bonk” by Mary Roach, which is brilliant. It’s about the weird world of sex research. It’s hysterical. I have learned disturbing things about what people used to think the cervix did, about sex in MRI machines, the apparently excessively lengthy debate about vaginal vs. clittoral orgasms* and so on and so forth. […]

Wow. Just…wow. The final size of the Taxman edition is…drumroll please… …150 exactly. Holy CRAP, people. You’ve blown my tiny little artist mind on this one, truly you have. Not only does that cover the tax bill, it even pays for the paper and ink required to do the print run (It won’t quite cover […]