As of checking my e-mail this morning, y’all have effectively halved my tax burden. The Taxman will be an edition of at least 65, which blows my teeny little mind.

I am floored, I am in awe, I am humbled, and I would give you all backrubs were that geographically plausible, but since my hands are gonna fall off with the numbering and signing already, I will settle for typing my extreme gratitude.

Thank you. Thank you. THANK YOU.  No artist in the history of the world has had a kinder or more generous pack of friends (or else a whole lot of you are as weirdly fascinated by plague doctors as I am, or possibly both…)

I’m still broke, but I’m broke and living on frozen pizza instead of ramen, and that’s a much much happier state of affairs. (Hell, I’m a freelance artist, that’s, like, normalcy…)

In gratitude, have another tea label!

Odd Fish Oolong

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