Angus: I love you and want to be near you!

Ursula: I’m warning you, cat, I just ate an order of chili-cheese fries, and I can’t be responsible for the consequences.

Angus: I will purr madly and crawl in your lap!

Ursula: I am going to save you from yourself and not let you crawl in my lap just now.

Angus: I will leap down into the gap between you and the back of your chair and wedge myself against your back and purr furiously!

Ursula: Cat, I’m warning you, that’s really a no-go zone right now.

Angus: I love you!

Ursula: …um. Heh. Sorry ’bout that. Any survivors?

Angus: I will purr even more!

Ursula: How can you even BREATHE back there?

Angus: Oxygen deprivation only makes me love you more!

…sigh. He’s a snuggler, but he’s REALLY not bright….

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