I had a dream last night that I was trying to come up with an RPG character concept. (Yes. This is how geeky my dreams are.)

Somehow I hit upon the notion that I wanted to play a hyper-intelligent goldfish. His little bowl would be set into a gigantic cyber death-machine (sort of like Nixon’s head in Futurama, or Krang from TMNT) but, in order to make life interesting, the goldfish would not really remember what all the buttons did. So (I was trying to explain to the GM, who was dubious even in my dream) occasionally he would throw caution to the winds and roll a d20. On a 1 something horrible would happen–i.e. “Oops, guess that was the chlorine gas emitter, sorry guys…” on a 2-5 something mildly bad would happen–“Ooh! Kareoke!”–on a 5-15 nothing much would happen–“Hmm, I found the desalinizer…”–on a 15-19 something reasonably good would happen–“Yay! That’s the button for the buzzsaw arms!”–and on a natural 20, he would remember how to operate the flamethrower.

…I do not know WHAT sort of system or demented campaign would be fitting for a hyperintelligent goldfish and his battlesuit, but damnit, I kinda wanna find one now. Fishy to the rescue!

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