Okay. Okay, I am now testing six at a time–two wrist, two upper arm, two on my ankles, for christ’s sake! My ANKLES!

See what you people have done to me!?

The reviews will be getting briefer, I suspect…

Iago — turns to powder, unfortunately, but powder with a pleasant undertone of vanilla.

Jack — Oof! Pumpkin and candy corn. Oddly foul in the bottle, but not nearly as bad on the skin. Still, I prefer the Smashing whipped from Villainess, if I want pumpkin–this is kinda sickly-sweet.

Blood Moon — evaporates quickly, leaving only a faint sweetness behind.

Sybaris — Also vanishes quickly, leaving faint spiciness.

Florence — Again, I get the perfume scent from this one, but it’s not unpleasant. Perfume with musk and spice. I am likely to wear this one if it doesn’t go to powder.

Thanatopsis — Not unpleasant at first application — heavy on the evergreen. Also has a kind of citrus tang. I don’t get “sexy” but it IS a pleasant sort of smell.
Dragon’s Musk — Musk and faint lemon. Somewhat masculine. After awhile, something strong and almost bitter comes out…I can’t quite put my finger on it. Smells good, gets an almost evergreen scent to it.

…okay, now I have a crick in my neck from sniffing my ankles. I need more skin closer to my nose.

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