Scent Blogging!

Since I didn’t want to go using imps in an enclosed space at the Con, let alone the car-ride, I’m behind on odor blogging, but here’s a catch-up!

Mr. Jacquel — I love the smell, I love the description, and goddamnit, it turns to powder. I may see about a scent locket or a room spray or something on this one, though…

Serpent’s Kiss — Turns to cinnamon and musk on me. Love it utterly, currently my top favorite. Will definitely wear.

Villainess’s Jai Mahal Whipped — A very nice body creme, and I’d recommend it if you couldn’t get the “Smashing” one because they sold out. Spicy and pleasant, not terribly strong.

Villainess’s Madame X Whipped — This is interesting. On me it smells like vanilla, pears, and cream. “Sort of a pastry scent,” I’ve been told. A reasonably pleasant smell, fairly powerful, but I prefer somewhat more spicy. However, I once tried a human pheremone perfume, in the spirit of experimentation, which had the same “morphing” quality as the other essential oil perfumes, and on me, it settled at EXACTLY this smell. Which is kinda peculiar. Possibly my pheremones just smell like pastries.

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