Monthly Archives: January 2008

I went and saw Cloverfield this afternoon with some buddies. You know, it’s gotten some bad reviews, but I really enjoyed it. It’s not gonna go down in history as a piece of deathless film making, but it was a surprisingly good execution of the concept, namely “Monster movie from the point of view of […]

Today’s Awesomely Weird Science Tidbit!  (ganked from theweaselking ) Basically a teenager gets a liver transplant, and a year later it turns out that her bloodtype has changed to match the liver, and weirder yet, stem cells from the liver had penetrated her bone marrow and she now has a donor immune system. Amazing! Freaky! […]

Okay…I should not have followed the links from Making Light to garbage houses and hoarding behavior over breakfast. Not because it turns my stomach, I hasten to add–I came out of “Sweeney Todd” with a vague craving for meat pie–but because I had stuff I wanted to get done today, and instead I compulsively cleaned […]

Damnit. Okay, I take it back–the worst thing about being single is NOT the lack of sex, it’s not eating my own cooking, it’s not killing my own centipedes. It’s getting a goddamn zit at that point between your shoulderblades where you can only reach it by contorting like a graduate of the St. Vitus’s School […]

Well, damn. Adam and Steve both died last night. Cause is completely unknown–they were healthy and flitting around yesterday, no odd behavior, no apparent ill health, no foreign substances got into the tank to my knowledge, and the usual things that might take out a fish, like overfeeding or old age, I wouldn’t expect to […]