Woke up this morning wondering vaguely why my hipbones felt dislocated.*

I looked down and discovered that both cats were asleep between my legs. Angus had snuggled down between my knees and Ben was stretched out and partially draped over my right shin. As they are both rather large cats, in order to achieve domestic harmony, while leaving enough neutral space that nobody got a foot in the face, at some point in the night I had rolled over on my side and was practically doing the splits.

I’m glad they’re getting along, but I had sort of envisioned a different compromise on sleeping arrangements.

When the UPS guy woke us all up, and I staggered out and got my packages, then went to the bathroom, both cats descended on me, driven by that universal feline belief that a human on the toilet is Deeply Fascinating. “Hi, guys,” I said. They were standing shoulder to shoulder, and as I watched–a captive audience–Ben turned and gave Angus a friendly head bump. Angus staggered a bit–a head bump from Ben is a bit like a weak punch–but purred anyway.

Domestic harmony seems to be forthcoming.

*Yeah, yeah. I wish.

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