Another bloody flat tire! Passenger side this time. Sheesh! Two in one WEEK? Did I hit the tire fairy with my car? Do I have any enemies who know where I live? (I don’t THINK I do…heck, I’m not even sure if I have enemies…)

Still, all’s well that ends well, the tire place was open late, it was another free replacement, a buddy gave me a ride, so I was only out twelve bucks for the tow. Still a minor annoyance. Oh well.

My gratitude to the person who bought me The Book of Vice and the book on birdwatching, which arrived today! God, the Amazon wish list is awesome, and my readers are obviously awesome as well! (To say nothing of how much easier it makes Christmas shopping. “What do you want?” “Check the wishlist.” I really gotta convince my relatives to do this. I hate Christmas shopping passionately.)

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