Monthly Archives: December 2007

And I’m ready to go! Can Ursula make it? Will her wallet REALLY be waiting in Minneapolis? Will the weather hold up? Will the last throes of 2007 reach out with icy annual claws, the final death spasm, and do something unspeakable to her, possibly in Detroit?* Will I pass midnight on the tarmac, forced […]

One of my kid brother Max’s Christmas presents, courtesy of my ex, was The Dangerous Book for Boys. (I wholeheartedly approved this gift.) Max, reading about it, learned that there was a companion volume, The Daring Book for Girls. “I should get that!” he said seriously. “Then I’d know what kind of skills girls have!” […]

I had a dream last night–one of those anxiety dreams where you’re back in high school, and you can’t remember where your classes are or which order they come in and it’s finals and you didn’t study. And then I thought “Wait just a damn minute. I’m thirty years old. I graduated from college a […]

Okay. The Keewanaw Peninsular in winter is bloody amaaaazing. The snow on the trees is like every Christmas card you’ve ever seen, squared. Robert Frost would slit his wrists. Bev Doolittle could hide a whole army of piebald elephants in it. It’s incredible stuff. Birch trees everywhere, looking pale and papery, fir trees covered in […]

…I kinda wanna try etchings, now. This is dangerous. I am loaded down with books on screenprinting and intaglio printing, because of course I NEED another medium to fool with. Still, the fine linework in the etchings is so gorgeous. My folks have the stuff to do drypoint, so I may try it this weekend […]

The wind is bitter cold today, and it’s snowing a fine particulate placeholder snow, nothing really meant to accumulate, a snow just there to remind you that hey, you’re in the Upper Peninsula, and what in blazes were you thinking, anyway? Cruised around Calumet today. It didn’t take long. There’s a couple of surprisingly good […]

I am mellow. We killed the Irish whiskey last night, but there’s still rum! And enough christmas candy to choke a horse. And it’s snowing the serious, steady snow, the snow whose only business is to pile up as thickly as possible. It is snow with a work ethic. Apparently one cannot reach the compost […]