Monthly Archives: August 2007

Another day, another…day. I have been having a pretty rough time of it lately. Put simply, I’m a wreck. This is annoying, because I am generally as stable and buoyant as a noble gas, and so I have few coping mechanisms in place for the alternative. My general flash-flood method of tension dispersal–cry hysterically for […]

Okay, here’s a weird question. Can anybody in the local Raleigh area suggest any good bars? I can’t stand to be stuck in my apartment in the evenings these days–it feels like the walls are unmaking my brain, and I’m getting majorly twitchy–and all the local coffee shops close well before I’m ready to call […]

Blarrgh. I woke up this morning at seven AM with that familiar tooth-falling-out nightmare. That one hasn’t bothered me in a long time–once I actually had a crown fall out, and had to cement it back in until I could get to a dentist, it became a familiar terror, and my subconscious was forced to […]

Well, I feel better today. Whiskey and a friend who really needs to keep a Roman collar in his wardrobe for what is obviously a well-practiced role as Father Confessor improved things immensely. I am still frazzled, but at least it’s a comprehensible frazzlement. Thank you for all your good wishes and offers of e-booze. […]