“Are you still losing weight?” asked a gentleman of my acquaintance t’other day, who was, shall we say, in a position to make the observation.

I thought so, but I hadn’t had access to a scale for awhile, so I figured I was probably a little below 170 now, that I’d maybe shed a pound or two more.

Hmm. Apparently not. I stepped on a scale today, looked down, and said “Good lord.” I’m down to 160 lbs.

This is the weight I used to be just out of college, when I was taking aikido and iaido. I don’t have the impressive forearms that I did back then, but otherwise…dude. That’s not quite forty pounds since the start of the year. I’ve been doing a two-and-a-half mile walk most mornings, and obviously I’m eating a lot less these days, but sheesh, that’s just crazy.

More importantly, this is the weight I generally wanted to be at. I could use more tone–couldn’t we all?–but this is pretty much where I feel comfortable.

The stress diet, man, there’s nothin’ quite like it…

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