Yay! Things are definitely looking up. I dropped off my car at the mechanic–long road trip, only sensible–and awaited The Call. (You know The Call. The one where you learn what the threshold of pain has been raised to this time. What was it going to be? New brakes? New tires? New transmission? New exhaust system? It’s Nissan Roulette! And this time the car has been paid off, so it has nothing to lose!)

The phone rang while I was out walking. I did the yank-out-the-ipod dance, got the cords wrapped around my wrist, dove after the phone, pried it out of my hip pocket, (why, oh why, was it under the ipod?) got the cords tangled around the other wrist, discovered that I now resembled an ad for iBondage, and somehow managed to flip the phone open with my teeth.

“Yes….?” I cringed into the receiver, ignoring the looks from passing motorists. “You looked at the car…?”

“Yea! Actually, your car looks great. You’re due for an oil change and there are nails in the back two tires, but other than that, looks good.”

“Wha…wait…” I said, picking my jaw off the pavement. “You…you mean you’d drive this car across the country?”

“Sure! It’s in excellent condition.”

“Wonderful! When can I pick it up?”

“I’ll call you in an hour once we’ve patched the nails.”


I love Nissan. I love Nissan with a deep and abiding passion, not unlike my love for Epson. Faithful, faithful car…

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