Still moving.

Still weird.

The apartment’s a little less alien, now that I’ve got art leaning against the walls, and presumably it’ll be better when it’s hung. I got a few pieces up already.

It’s funny, but a lot of what I’ve got up now are gifts–a lovely little pencil sketch by Kyoht, “Naked Mole Rat Steals The Noble Lima Bean Spirit”  that I traded sketches for, the print of Smilegod, a carved Barong mask sent by a friend. And the whole place smells faintly of the cool bubble bath Eve sent me.

Bought a floor lamp with a cheap faux art-deco glass shade, which warms up the light in there a lot, and turned the heat on. The windows go nearly to the floor, with low, broad sills, perfect for lounging cats. And duck decoys. So that’s kinda neat.

It’s still weird, and probably will be for awhile, but as with everything, just gotta make the best of it.

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