Monthly Archives: December 2006

Caveat, caveat, caveat. Caveat caveat? Dismissal of caveat. Apology for excessive caveat. Gratitude. Sneaky caveat. (Seriously, this one’s all conversation and brutal info dumps, and my webcomicky soul gets itchy and I start to think that ninjas should fall from the ceiling, but…well…couldn’t work ’em in.) Also, this was going to be longer, but they’ve […]

6K today–not too shabby. That puts it at 18K total. Word counts make me feel like I’m achieving something, which is good, because I still have no desire to paint. On the down side, since we’ve barely gotten anywhere, and there’s three more characters off in the wings clearing their throats, they also give me […]

Another day of endless printing stretches out in front of me. And NPR is talking about economic theory, so it’s a put-on-the-music day. The one advantage to these days is that I can get a lot of writing done–got about 12K on the asylum story in the past three days. (Not consecutively, alas. There’s a […]

Well, y’all were so nice and encouraging about the rough draft on Nanowrimo, so…err…have a chunk of rough. I don’t know if it works. It may be insipid or dreadfully cliche. The problem is that Myra’s opening narration has to be flat and matter-of-fact and not particularly funny, and that’s not something I have any […]

Printing, printing, endless printing. And also writing. The character who keeps talking, and has me running along with a notepad yelling “Wait up! Hang on!” just uttered the disturbing phrase: “Hey, I wouldn’t kick him out of bed for biting the head off a live chicken.” That…kinda…worries me…