Non-Anxiety Dreams

Last night I had one of those dreams where I was late for a test I hadn’t studied for, except that somehow I actually made it to the classroom in time, and took the test, which was an essay question about ethics. And I had to write this essay along with two classmates, who were, in typical dream fashion, a girl I went to school with in third grade and the misogynistic priest character from the novel I’ve been kicking around.

And then I got the test back with an A on it.

This was not particularly terrifying. Actually, I felt rather pleased.

Then I woke up and thought “Errr….that’s not how that dream goes…?”

Apparently I’ve been out of school too long, and test anxiety just doesn’t cut any ice with my subconscious any more. Perhaps we’ll be reduced to “car with no brakes” and “teeth falling out” and the old favorite “moving dream” for anxiety in the future.

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