Monthly Archives: December 2006

Viva Pinata game…is…crack. It’s like SimLife, only cute and not so impossibly hard. And with pinatas. You have to breed the pinatas together–they do a “romance dance,” very cute, all fairly tame. At least, so I thought, until James started a game, and suddenly it turned into “Pinatas of Gor” in there…

Back from the wilds of Pennsylvania! I have very little to report, except the following thoughts on the director’s cut of LOTR. 1. It had more Faramir. I approve of this greatly, as I would not kick him out of bed for failing to hold Osgiliath.2. Aragorn still charges a platoon of light elven archers […]

Spent yesterday Christmas shopping. James’s nieces and nephew are the killer–the one niece loves…god help me…Lisa Frank. The less said about the time I spent trying to pick out Sparkly Glitter Stationary, the better. A piece of me died in that store aisle. I long for the days of Hello Kitty. In writing news, Scarn […]