Monthly Archives: November 2006

Ladies and gentleman, I come before you, a freak of nature. I have the rarest kind of PMS right now. No, not cleaning PMS–that’s pretty common. Not inspired creative genius PMS–that’s exceedingly rare, but it’s happened a time or two, and I would give my liver to know how to tap it on command. No, […]

Neverwinter Nights 2, like many other games, has its flaws. However, unlike most other games, it has achieved what only two games in recent memory have done for me–Jade Empire and Bard’s Tale. I am playing almost entirely to see what the heck my NPCs say next. I just giggled through my entire trial for […]

I sent the people at the cat shelter a note a few days ago saying that we were very happy with Gentle Ben and that he seemed to be settling in nicely, and the occasional nippiness they’d mentioned had almost entirely dissipated. (Which it has. Now if he’s in a disembowel-the-hand mood, he generally swings […]

17K on Nano. I fell down hard yesterday, and today was hard to hammer out, but at least I’m on track for the month. For a cold-blooded killer, Hemlock certainly baby-talked to her horse a lot. Angler’s conception of wild-eyed murderers had not previously included the phrase “Who’s a good boy? Who’s my snoogie-woogums, den?” […]

Got a Digger done. Slept for several hours. Had a dream about a malfunctioning clone machine spitting out dozens of two-headed cannibal ponies and the severed torso of Anne of Green Gables. Got up. Made tea. Wondered what my subconscious smokes. I got nothin’ creatively today. I’m gonna go play Neverwinter Nights and wait for […]