Monthly Archives: November 2006

Okay, once again–rough, unpolished, needs a lot of brutal handling to get up to snuff. Still, this is how it starts–at the moment–and if Nanowrimo isn’t about parading your literary shame in front of your long-suffering friends, what good is it? Now I have to go deal with a male assassin that for some odd […]

Goddamnit, I’ve run through like five variations, the memory of “Find/Replace” looks like an annotated encyclopedia of chivalry, and the only one I LIKE is “paladin.” Mark Twain was right. Damn him. I suppose, like with everything else, the only solution is to try to carry it off so that everyone comes along for the […]

Nearly 16K. I keep myself amused, anyway. I’m running into one snag, which is the word “paladin.” It’s a good word for a purely religious warrior type, it’s the one that I, geek as I am, default to immediately, but I worry that it has too many D&D (or these days, WoW*) connotations behind it. […]

Athena just tried to hiss Ben out of a sunny spot. Unfortunately, she got the dry heaves halfway through–you know, the I-don’t-know-if-I-have-a-hairball-lets-find-out horking noise. “HissssHORKssssHORKssssHORK!” Ben stared at this strange apparition, not sure if she was going to attack him or vomit on him, or which would be worse. Eventually they decided to share the […]