Monthly Archives: November 2006

46K, and countin’. I’m not writing entirely consecutively, but the gaps are fairly narrow ones, usually spanning a few lines of dialog or a description, and I keep going back and filling in as I figure out what should go there. I suspect the book has two distinct halves–before and after they get to Anuket […]

Is that 40K going by? I think it is! My favorite moment of the last few thousand words occurs as Brenner and Caliban are being held captive by a demon-deer: “Well, so, you’re a demonslayer, then,” said Brenner eagerly. “What do we do now?” Caliban sighed heavily. “We die.” “What? You’re the bloody Knight-Champion!” “I’m […]

Ben has apparently decided that I need an escort to the bathroom. Every single time. Since I am drinking immense quantities of tea in my quest to find out exactly what does happen next to our intrepid heroes, this means that he’s following me back and forth about once every twenty minutes or so. Once […]

37K! Have another chunk. There’s a break in the narrative here, because the intervening chunk is rougher than usual and I suspect it needs a lot more kicking. When we rejoin our heroes, they’re starting down the road to Anuket City. Relations, never great to begin with, have broken down completely. Caliban is surlier than […]

Ahem. I’m sure you’re desperately sick of hearing about my writing by now, but nevertheless. I have finally written a story where the heroine, in a moment of desperate peril, on a runaway horse, can legitimately find herself thinking “It’s a math problem. If a horse traveling at twenty-six miles an hour going west is […]