I had 8400 words on Nanowrimo, and then James bought me Neverwinter Nights 2.


On the bright side, Ben’s been a regular snugglemeister lately, giving shoulder hugs to all and sundry. I was in the depths of character creation when I heard James:

“Oh, hi, Ben…hi there…yeah…yeah…you’re a good cat, yeah…you’re a…um…you’re licking my ear…”

I peered over and saw Ben stretched over his shoulder, purring thunderously and grooming James’s ear. James looked as if he didn’t know whether to be flattered or fear for his cartilage.

Ben did take a half-hearted swipe at me a few hours ago, and I let out a shrill yawp and stomped off. He went and hugged James again, then lurked until he thought I might have forgotten about it and hugged me. I’ll keep it up–it’s what the cat fancier website recommends for stopping rough play, so we’ll see how it goes.

I’m gonna try and get at least a few hundred words down before I go back to Dungeon Crawling…

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