So, in a fit of madness, I am thinking of doing Nanowrimo this year.

I never have before–couldn’t justify the time–but heck, I seem to be at least part a writer these days, so I might as well try it. Nurk only took me about three weeks, so I know I can beat out something worthwhile in a month. (Granted, Nurk is only around 20K, a very short chapter book, but still.) This may not be worthwhile, but I believe firmly that nothing is ever wasted, and having the bare bones of even a very rough novel at the end of the month wouldn’t be a bad thing.

I would not be doing it with Elf vs. Orc. I know, people may be disappointed, but I like how that’s going, and if it turns out that forcing myself to write a novel in a month is a soul-killing muse-destroying experience, I would rather not do it on something I cared about. Also, you’re supposed to start fresh on this thing, right?

So I’m starting–not quite fresh, I confess–but with a few hundred words. Namely, my notes about the Dour Brotherhood of Quantitative Sorrow–basically the expanded image description from the painting, about the guy getting kicked out of the brotherhood. It’s not something I’ve done much of anything with, I don’t have a plot or anything else, I’ve just got a strange guy with a bird on his head. Hopefully that falls under acceptable prep. (If not, screw it, I’m doin’ it anyway.)

We’ll see if that goes anywhere.

Heck, we’ll see if I can get the NaNoWriMo page to even load…

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