Monthly Archives: October 2006

I have been mollified. S’all good, everybody’s cool, and internet drama is averted for another day. Apropros of such discussions, did any of you write Watership Down fan fiction when you were, like, a young kid? A friend–who shall remain nameless to protect the innocent–did, I did, and I’m starting to wonder if this is […]


Somebody–who shall remain nameless and unlinked because I really hate drama–appears to be writing about Gearworld–or, to be more specific, a travelog of someone descending into a mysterious clockwork labyrinth underground which is called Gearworld. They leave a comment saying “Ah; I see someone else has stumbled across a Gearworld concept! I love what you […]

James has a habit of going out on the back porch for one last cigarette of the night, which I disapprove of, but he also has a habit of calling me out if anything interesting pops up–flying squirrels, interesting bugs, lovelorn mockingbirds–which I very much appreciate. Last night he worked late, with the end result […]

I had a really odd dream last night. It’s stuck with me for most of the day, just because the visuals were so surreal. I remember waking up and thinking “Lord, that was like a Miyazaki film…” There was a complicated, blurry bit at the beginning, which involved being a shapechanger, but only being able […]

Signed copies of Digger 2 will be available for sale October 5th, this Thursday, at 9 AM central. (They were supposed to be up Sunday, but there was a family emergency delaying schtuff.) The books are all signed, at great personal cost to my right hand, and being shipped back as we speak. Orders’ll be […]

Huh. Got up this morning and found a set of notes in my in-box telling me that two of the three chunks of “Black Dogs” had been removed from Elfwood for profanity in the description. Well, okay. I have no memory of having profanity in the description–and a distinct memory of the time somebody just […]