Woke up this morning with a sore lower back–my right lower lumbar was in pain.

Of course, today was the day that this painting HAD TO BE WORKED ON. It wanted to be worked on NOW. If I did not work on it NOW, it might not be around later.

So I worked on it, because hey, what else can you do?

This involved sitting on a stool hunched over a table, a bit sideways.

By a little after noon, I’d gotta a good bit done and I couldn’t handle that any more, so I took a nap–a restless, painful, wiggling nap–and now I’m in some pretty good agony. Stretches with the knee help for a few seconds, shifting position helps for a few seconds, but for the most part…yow. It’s gettin’ to the walking-the-floor stage at a pretty good clip, and I’m outta valium. Advil and Ben Gay aren’t making much of a dent, and I’ve never been real fond of heating pads.

May have James set the inversion rack up–I haven’t needed it since we moved, my back’s been very well behaved, even with all the yard work–but for some reason today…whammo.

It’s the sort of pain where you wind up working anyway, because you’re gonna be in agony no matter WHAT, so you might as well be productive during it.

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