I’m in the home stretch on this painting. Just the hands left to do, which involves holding my left hand in contorted positions and staring at it until hand and eyeballs both cramp.

I was absolutely cookin’ yesterday–I worked on it straight until 11pm, played a little WoW, then went back and worked on it until 12:30. It was one of those times when you keep going “Okay, I’m done for today…” and close the program, and ten minutes later you’re right back at it.

Today, I’m not in the mad groove, but there’s not much more to do. I just need a break.

On the bright side, my “Winter Gold” native holly has a male cardinal sitting in it, popping the bright orange berries off and scarfing down on ’em. His mate is less interested in berries, and moseys around the ground under the butterfly bush, looking for seeds.

The pleasure I feel when I plant a plant to attract birds–and it works!–is deeply gratifying, and the only comparison I can come up with is obscure.

It’s like playing Sim Life and finally getting enough plants to support an animal population.

Granted, it’s easier than Sim Life because the animals are a lot more robust and can go elsewhere for food. Still, same sort of thing. Only better.

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