Got up this morning and found a set of notes in my in-box telling me that two of the three chunks of “Black Dogs” had been removed from Elfwood for profanity in the description.

Well, okay. I have no memory of having profanity in the description–and a distinct memory of the time somebody just ran a spell-check over one version and banned it for containing “rape” when it actually contained “scrape.” (Fear me. I am a serial scrapist!) But hey, I’m the last person to gripe about how galleries are run–it’s hard, thankless, miserable work, and these things happen, and god knows, they’re probably flooded with e-mails from prima donnas screaming “WHY ME?!!?!?” It’s entirely possible I did have profanity there, I swear like a sailor and I don’t hear myself do it.* Que sera, sera, it’s down. I sent a note checking to make sure it wasn’t the “scrape” thing again, but other than that, such is life.

Rather than get five hundred e-mails saying “WHERE’S THE REST!?” I pulled the whole thing off-line. It’s getting published in much better form here soon anyway. Unfortunately, that meant I was then below the gallery limit, so I had to dredge up something to upload–the mandrake girl, in this case–so that the explanation of where the story went and how you could hopefully buy “Black Dogs 1” in a few months time would go up, so that I wouldn’t spend the next few months getting e-mails saying “WHERE IS IT!?”

Eh, minor annoyances. I shall drown my sorrows by heaping more abuses on Sings-to-Trees.

*This is probably not a survival trait in a potential children’s author.

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