Took the car in to get the brakes serviced. The guy said we didn’t need new brakes or a new air compressor. He fixed the cruise control for free. That was nice of him.

Unfortunately, he also needs to take the engine apart to the tune of $900. Words like “crankcase” and “leak” and “transmission” were used.

Oy. Still, it’s a good little car, and that’s why we have the credit card for emergencies anyway.

This was already a rather rough month on the money front–end of summer is the dead season for sales, and while the Anthrocon art show funded the mortgage last month, this month is tanking hard. That’s the problem with freelancing, of course–some months you scatter originals like daisies in springtime, and some months you’re grateful for the smallest nickel-and-dime print sales. Art is not a lifestyle for the faint of heart!

Oh, well, keeps life interesting, I suppose…

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