Following the gardening madness of the weekend, I have developed poison ivy again.

However, it’s confined to a nickel sized patch at the base of my left thumb.

I waited patiently for the rest of the eruption, for the little red bumps to appear like death freckles, for the transformation of life into Living Hell, and yet it’s now three days past the first sign, and nuthin’. I appear to have gotten one teeny patch that escaped my gloves, and nothing else.

Well, there are worse fates.

Earlier today I fought a stump. It was as thick around as my forearm. I battled it for many minutes, but in the end, Stump 1, Ursula 0. I planted my lantana somewhere else. (My mailbox garden is tragic, and so I’m going over to lantana, as a vigorous, beauitful, butterfly attractor, which god willing will choke out some of the weeds.)

Also, there’s a crepe myrtle on the side yard. I just noticed it about ten minutes ago. (Fear my observational powers!) Once I’ve gotten some real work done today, I will allow myself to go out and slaughter the wisteria and ivy choking it. While it’s a non-native, it’s very pretty, and anyway, it’s already there.

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