Well, Large Nameless Publisher passed on Nurk–they liked it, they called it “quite appealing” but they’re already publishing something vaguely similiar this year, so they couldn’t take it.

As rejections go, there are worse things to hear–at least it’s something beyond my control, not “This story sucks!”, and there’s still the two other publishers to whom we just sent the rewrite. So here’s still hoping!

However, the same Large Nameless Publisher is apparently very interested in the proposal that I sent them. Yes, the one I wrote in twenty minutes based on my musings during a short walk I took. That one.

In fact, they want to see a script for the first volume, and a half-dozen pages with the art. So, while I wait on the responses to the rewritten Nurk, I get to write a 90 page comic book.

I am starting to get the impression that this whole writing thing could easily become an alarmingly full-time job. And I still gotta make art and pay the bills, man!

Oh, well, there are worse fates…

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