Monthly Archives: July 2006

I was two thirds through the painting, when it occurred to me that my scanner cannot handle subtle blue. Doubtless that is why I did the whole thing in a subtle blue scheme. I don’t know whether to chalk that up to being absent-minded, or what. Is it masochism? Does my brain secretly want to […]

I am easily distractable. Example: the following chain of mental events, as I was looking at some neat sketch-to-painting examples of Magic cards. Brain: Neat! Neat! Eh, serviceable. Neat! Ooo. Eh, the sketch was better. Neat! Body: My arm hurts. Brain: Suck it up. Body: *wiggle* Brain: And now, back to the art! Neat! Neat! […]

I’ve been blogging less for the past week or so. I suspect this is because I am diligently hammering out my 1K a day on this story, so when the writing bug bites, I have someplace to put it. On the other hand, it’s also been a largely uneventful week here–the hottest part of summer […]

I have been noodling around with this goblin idea lately. I don’t know if it’ll turn out to be anything anybody will have any interest in, but it’s keeping me somewhat amused. And when you do anything with a fantasy setting, sooner or later, you usually have to figure out how magic works. I have […]

Filled in the bare patches with anise hyssop, a native that grows in nice, spiky columns. The bees love it. Also picked up a butterfly bush–I had wanted one, I had planted one, and it turned out the bloody thing was mis-labeled at the nursery, and it was instead a “bluebeard.” It’s a nice little […]

To distract myself from the madness that I fear to jinx, it’s time for the garden report! Yesterday, I took out a big swath of plants–I hadn’t been sure if they were weeds or not, but they’re spread everywhere, and they don’t flower, which meets the Ursula Standard, and furthermore, they were home to a […]

Um. Dude. Whoa. There is suddenly a chance I may be going to ComicCon–my agent is looking into flying me out there, since Nurk is…err…well no jinxing, there, but–dude–and Digger is…err…holy bunnies…I don’t even dare THINK about that–and–um–uh– Well, anyway, she’d be buying the plane ticket, if it’s not brutally expensive, but she probably can’t […]

It’s Friday. How odd. My brain doesn’t know how to handle this vacation thing. It did as much as possible, and now it’s staring off into the middle distance, going “Errr…should we…y’know… be DOING something?” I have vacation guilt. I am trying to let the ol’ brain settle before whipping it back into art mode–cons […]