I have done a sketch. It is a neat sketch. It’s a woman with an Elizabethan collar and an egg and a bunch of chickens.

I am staring at it and I cannot shake the feeling that it looks like something I’ve seen somewhere.

I am not talking about the nagging exasperation that many artists feel when people tell them that something looks just like (insert other thing that it usually doesn’t look much like here) which is one of the frustrations you learn to deal with. It’s generally just the way that people make conversation, not a thinly veiled accusation of copyright infringement. If you mention the roses in your garden, and somebody says “Ooh! My grandmother used to grow those, I loved them!” it does not mean that they are implying you slunk into Grandma’s garden at night with a shovel. People mean well.

No, this is the itch I’ve gotten now and again that this is some well known thing that I should know at once, but I’m blanking on it because the act of sketching blotted it out of my brain.

Asking people this is dangerous. They tend to tell you. If it was in Labyrinth, god, I don’t want to know. But–does anybody recognize this EXACT thing?

I will almost certainly paint it anyway. And yes, I usually DO have faith in my own originality, believe me. This is not a symptom of some terror that I am a derivative hack. But the nagging is so much worse on this one, I have to ask.


I appreciate y’all putting up with my lunacy, guys.

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