Monthly Archives: June 2006

E-mail still down. *grumble* But, oh well. No news is good news… Today I begin that vast and terrifying task of filling the print books. This involves filing all the prints by little numbers, on an Excel spreadsheet, first into plastic envelopes, and then into folders in a file box. Since the file box broke […]

My e-mail’s down for the second day running–denial of service attacks on the provider–so if you’re trying to contact me, uh…I’ll get back to you soon, I hope! Meanwhile, the garden continues to grow. The nasturtium has its first flower! (I am particularly proud of this because I raised those nasturtiums from seed.) The gayfeather […]

The title of this one should probably have been “Because you made me paint My Little Dinosaurs, you tyrant, so I’m going to do this and not explain any of it, and I’ll write the description in free verse, too, the last bastion of the pretentious artist, and you can’t stop me because I control […]

I do this every year. I mean, seriously, EVERY YEAR. I think I have three panels at the art show. I make the art to fill three panels. I feel accomplished. I think “Okay. We’re good.” I get my art show pamphlet, open it up, and discover that YET AGAIN I have requested five panels […]

Cranial Mutiny

My Little Hadrosaur “Okay,” I said to my brain, “that’s three of the lowest priced pieces for the Con, and that’s enough. We need mid-range stuff now, but since you were good, you can paint something Deeply Meaningful For The Ages now, if you want to.” “Go ‘way,” sulked my brain. “C’monnn….” “Go ‘way. […]

Brain: Wannapaint. Ursula: Shut up, we have to do stuff for Anthrocon. Brain: Wannapaint! Ursula: We have to do some more quick watercolors, or the art show’ll be three strategically placed miniatures and Heinrich. Brain: …wannapaint… Ursula: You will paint a quick and silly My Little Hadrosaur, by god, and THEN, maybe, if you’re good, […]