Predictably, the turtle went for the road.

I helped her across, just in advance of the mail truck. She is now across the street, and ambling down the sidewalk like a good pedestrian. More than this, I cannot do–she made it this far, and if she makes it back home, wonderful. If I drag her down to the creek, she may just have to walk the whole damn way again, back across even more streets, so I’ll wish her good luck and godspeed.

The scuffed patch of lawn…probably isn’t turtle eggs…I can’t imagine…but I will tell James to avoid fertilizing that patch just in case.

Jesus, and I thought today was gonna be dull.

This is particularly ironic because I’m currently working on one of those random god paintings of a wicked turtle woman. I am a desperately rational being, I am and it is purely coincidence. It’s just…weird, is all.

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